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6th grade Earthquake Survival Contest

April 30, 2012


Last week, to wrap up their unit on Plate Tectonics, Mrs Dome's 6th grade science classes tried their hands at architecture during a building contest.  Students worked in groups as they attempted to build towers out of straws and other limited materials.  The goal was to create a structure that could survive an earthquake.  Everyone had a great time as they practiced working as a team and problem solving.  The groups were awarded points based on whether or not their tower met "building codes", if they provided sketches and an analysis of their tower, and how many earthquakes it could survive on the "shake table".

The contest ended in a four-way tie.  Congratulations to The Towering Jayhawks (Ethan Kosberg, Keegan Crotchet, Hunter King, and Tanner Gerstberger), The Mighty Shakers (Claire Owens, Elizabeth Hays and Amber Miller), The My Little Ponies (Nathan Ewing, Camryn Floyd, Noah Morse and Shannon Stovall), and The Landsharks (Aubrey Churchill, Erin Hain and Dylan Haman).

Mrs Dome and the students would also like to thank Sonic of Spring Hill for donating the straws for the project.



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