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Body Venture Encourages Healthy Choices

April 02, 2012


Recently, more than 500 students from Spring Hill Intermediate (SHIS) and Elementary Schools (SHES) traveled through the human body in order to learn more about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Body Venture, which is a traveling exhibit, features an 11-stop tour of a large-scale human body for students to enjoy. 

Students at SHIS and SHES in grades 2-5 were able to experience the innovative exhibit, which was set up in the SHIS gymnasium. More than 40 volunteers made the event possible and helped guide 528 students through the educational exhibit in one day. 

The tour began when students, in small groups, entered the school lunchroom and become a food, such as a carrot, low-fat milk or chicken. At the second station, they walked through the giant ear into the brain. Inside the huge brain dome, students explored “brain waves” and learned about brain function. The students then stepped in the giant mouth, and were swallowed through the esophagus tunnel before moving to the stomach. Eventually, the students (or “foods”) were absorbed into the blood system where they provided the heart, lungs, muscles and other key systems the nutrients needed to perform. 

The entire exhibit and associated activities reinforced the importance of making healthy choices, including eating nutritious foods and being physically active. Thank you to everyone who helped make this wonderful activity available to students!

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