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SAC Elections and Activities

March 21, 2012

Crazy Hair

As the year comes to a close, SAC begins planning for the new school year.  Applications are now being accepted for Student Advisory Council Officers for the 2012 - 2013 school year.  Students who are interested should turn in their applications by April 10th to Mrs Roitz or Ms Maynes.  A run-off election will be held April 17th if an office has more than three students running for it.

In February the SAC had a spirit week for three days.  On twin day you might have thought you were seeing double as students dressed like one another.  Many of the 8th grade students got very creative and decided to all wear white shirts.  On Crazy Hair Day, students participated by displaying some very interesting hair creations.  The SAC sponsored a fundraising Hat Day on the third day for an SHIS student and raised $200.

To find out more about Spring Hill Middle School's SAC activities, please visit the SAC Activities page by going to the 'Our Schools' tab on the homepage and select the Middle School.  Once on the SHMS page, click the 'Activities' link and select 'Student Advisory Council.'


Hat Day
Allison and Roitz
8th graders

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