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Casting a Vote

November 06, 2012


Spring Hill High School (SHHS) students recently had a chance to cast their votes for the nation’s president and Kansas District Three House of Representatives in a mock election. Students had to visit the polls in the school’s Media Center and then show their identification cards to exercise their democratic right. In addition, staff members were given the opportunity to participate in the school’s version of Election Day.  Organized by teacher Nacole Boan, students in Boan’s sophomore-level civics class served as “poll” workers. They included Riley Pettit, Tessa Davids, Jackson Price, Kaitlynn Miller, Anna Mitchell and Sydney Weaver.  

Besides casting votes for those people who will govern our country and state, questions about key social and economic issues were asked to gauge their stances on the topics. The ballot used by the school was the National Youth Vote Ballot, which is produced by the Pearson Foundation. 

With 426 votes cast, results of the SHHS students' mock election were:

  • Romney -- 50%
  • Obama -- 42%
This was not reflective of the national average for youth mock elections, which showed 85% supporting Obama and 14% for Romney. In Kansas, the popular vote among voting adults showed that 60% supported Romney and 38% voted for Obama. 

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