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District Provided Healthcare & Dental Insurance

Qualifying Spring Hill School District employees and their families are eligible to participate in the district's healthcare and dental insurance plans. Healthcare insurance is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental of Kansas.

Important Information for Current Employees:

There are changes in our healthcare benefits for the upcoming calendar year.  Beginning January 1, 2014, the base plan provided by the district will change.  The district has added a fourth option for employees and their families.  The base plan is new and the other three plans have minor changes.  The reasons for these changes vary from increased claims on our current plans, additional costs of healthcare in general, to changes resulting from the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Options were presented to the Fringe Benefits Committee and it was determined that this option provided the best coverage for district employees.  Below is a document with information to help you make enrollment decisions for the upcoming year.  More specific information about each plan may be found on the Health Insurance page in this section of the website.

Spring Hill Healthcare Enrollment Guide 2014 (pdf, 1.37MB)

USD 230 Healthcare Answers (pdf, 90.68KB)

The enrollment deadline to change healthcare plans is December 6th.  The application is below:

Blue Cross Application Form (pdf, 479.85KB)

If you have questions about plan options or enrollment decisions, please contact:

Nancy Miller - Benefits Coordinator -  592-7200


Brad Willson - Director of Human Resources -  592-2700

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